First post: Love for the classics

Its been a long journey until I finally made peace with myself to pursue writing blogs about my gaming activities.

I have never been one to share what I do as a gamer to the world, neither did I ever think I had anything to share at all. Fortunately the world thinks differently and the hints and signs I have seen for the moments all points to the same direction.

I have really been blessed by the sheer abundance of information shared by other gamers and communities, and at this point in time I have finally come to the terms that I should be giving back.

From what I have in mind at the moment my blogs will be more about classic games I love playing so much. The games i’ve played since i was 10 years old has been japanese role playing games such as wild arms, final fantasy, tales of series, and I will be writing a lot about a whole lot of them here in this blog.

I will probably hit a snag in the road where i would like to write about a particular game, but i won’t be able to find a copy of it anymore but hey, no harm in trying first.

Small time gamer,