Final Fantasy: Hikari no 4 Senshi / 4 heroes of light

First thing I boot back up as soon as I decided to write gaming blog was my trusty nintendo ds. It was a gift from my sister about 10 years ago in 2007 and its still running impeccably well even today, but enough about me lets talk about this piece of small treasure.


Quick synopsis

Overall Rating: 4/5

Final fantasy: hikari no 4 senshi or more known to the western world as final fantasy: 4 heroes of light (FFFHOL) is a J-RPG made by square-enix back in October, 2009. It enjoyed a great success as a second best selling game in japan the week of its release with over 100.000 copies sold just that week alone; the game was reportedly sold more than 170.000 copies by the end of november 2009. For those who own a 3ds and has played Bravely Default, this final fantasy game for the nintendo ds was its prequel.

The game was simplistic, old-school with a very heavy SNES feel. The art was beautifully made, it was unapologetically polygon but cute and simple, combined with the unique “crown” gameplay and a compelling storyline it was easy for me to get hooked quickly.


Rating: 3.5/5

The gameplay of FFFHOL is unique and refreshing. Plenty of elements of this short JRPG made it one of a kind and differentiates it from others of the same genre. A simple quick overview of the gameplay would be:

  • A new and refreshing crown system
  • The limited inventory of 15 slots per character
  • no restrictions on equipments
  • no restrictions in using magical books
  • The limited skills slot of 6 slots per character


To discuss the gameplay of Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light, one must start from the Crown System. The game truly made good use of a this new crown system which is a revamped take of their job system from the classic final fantasy series. In FFFHOL each character are able to don a “crown” of some kind and are then boosted in status by the crown as well as given new abilities by the crown. Some examples are the Wayfarer, Black mage, White mage and Hero.

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Each crown has each own preferred status which will be boosted as soon as the character equips it. and the corresponding skill the crown bestows will also be available to the character. Each crown’s unique skill-set are truly separated from each other e.g. a wayfarer are able to run away from battles, black mages are able to use black magic books for less AP, white mages are able to use white magic for less AP, Hero are able to use physical skills, etc.

What was a bit more frustrating was how each character needs to upgrade their own crowns to have access to higher level skills. Elementalist has one of the most broken skill in game which was called Mysterio; it practically renders elemental attacks by enemies close to useless, yes even from the bosses provided you are equipped with the right elemental shield. The problem was if you’re not so privvy to the details like me there was a very big possibility for you to make the mistake of assigning Brandt as the elementalist while Yunita is the Hero; serious error here since theres a pretty big difference between their innate stats for each character actually has their own inclination towards magic or physical crowns. With how limited each gems which are needed to upgrade the crowns are, such mistake may as well cost you a few hours of gameplay to fix or of course you can just open from the very start and ensure that you don’t make the same mistake I did.

Unlike other traditional JRPGs where there is an MP bar, FFFHOL introduces the AP. Each character has a total 5 AP which carries through all battles. Each turn you’ll replenish 1 AP and if you play your cards right you’ll have infinite amount of AP by using only 1 AP attacks like normal attacks, fire, heal, steal, etc. This game is really littered with a huge amount of random battles and this little part they made to replace MP / SP (like in traditional JRPGS) makes your life a whole lot easier while running through most late game dungeons which are made to be crazy labyrinth with weird puzzles.


Rating: 4/5

– spoiler alert-


The story of FFFHOL follows the adventure of 4 young individuals originating from a small kingdom called Horne. Brandt and Jusqua both young village boys who were joined by Yunita a clumsy female knight were tasked by the king of horne to retrieve a snobby second princess named Aire who will join them later after they rescues her. Curious enough, as they rescues Aire from the clutches of the witch of the north a talking crystal appears in their head saying they are heroes of light and it gives them the crowns to boost their power because -of course- they will need it later. Their adventure turned rather grand after the kingdom was apparently cursed by some kind of contract which turned everyone to stone.

At this point Everyone decided to split to do their own things. Brandt and Yunita decided to find a way to save the kingdom of horne, while Jusqua and Aire decided to follow the magic investigators toward liberte as refugees.


With the party of four split up. The story first follows the adventure of the two who chose to save Horne from its stone curse by following the advice of the magic association to seek help from the kingdom of magic of Guera. Brandt and Yunita has to travel through a vast dessert to try and find the magic kingdom but even after travelling for awhile to no avail they could not find it until they stumbled across a wanderer named Krinjh, a moonfolk native to the guera desert. With Krinjh’s advice and help, Brandt and Yunita sets off to find an item called merkmal in the moonlight tower to be able to view the kingdom of guera. Long story short, they climbed moonlight tower, found merkmal, met with the king of guera and was then tasked with an errand to kill the sand monster. So you did kill the monster gained 2 new crowns the Black Mage and White Mage crowns and voila you are now playing as Aire and Jusqua in Liberte.



to be continued-